Customise Your KHM-500

Customise your KHM-500!

A great feature of the KHM-500 is that you can customise your karaoke backgrounds with your own images or video.

It's very easy to do and a great way to add that personal touch for special occassions.

What you need?
- USB memory stick, available from your local post office or electronic shop.
- Download the KHM-500 Software which will convert your images/videos to a format your machine can read. (software is only available for PC Windows)

How to do it?
We just need to prepare the USB memory stick to contain the proper folders for the machine to read. The following may seem difficult, but trust us, it's very easy to do.

i) Plug your USB stick to your computer. Your computer should automatically pick it up and open it.

ii) Now create a NEW FOLDER and name it user (to create a new folder just click the right button on your mouse and choose NEW --> FOLDER)

iii) Now go into the user folder by double clicking it and create 2 new folders named video and jpeg.

iv) That's it, your USB is no properly formatted to be used with your karaoke machine.

Using the software?
Just install the program and start converting your images and videos. Just remember images need to saved in the jpeg folder, while your videos need to be saved in the video folder.

Changing the setting on the KHM-500?
To start playing your own images/videos, simply plug your USB memory stick to the front of the base unit, turn it on and go to SETUP and change BACKGROUND SCREEN option.


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