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Karaoke is a Japanese word which means “Empty Orchestra.” However, people from all over the globe have come to known Karaoke as a form of entertainment where singers, professional and amateurs alike can sing along to, with the help of the Karaoke Machine, an electronic machine which has speakers and a video monitor which plays music minus the lead vocal. The singer can read the lyrics of his or her chosen song on the video screen while guided by a moving cursor or symbol to guide him or her with respect to the timing of the lyrics.

    A Japanese man named Daisuke Inoue invented the first Karaoke machine utilizing a car stereo, a coin box and an amplifier. The frustrated Japanese musician was born in Osaka, Japan in 1940 and was raised in Nishinomiya. He became a drummer in high school and worked in World War II-Era dance halls. During the 1970’s he and his bandmates worked in a bar in Kobe where they played their instruments as accompaniment to customers of the bar as they sang. It is said that Daisuke was less than mediocre when it comes to playing the drums and that is why later on, he focused on just managing their band while still playing from time to time despite the protest of the members of the band.   

   One fateful day in 1971, a businessman who was a frequent customer of the bar where Daisuke worked, invited the musician on a business trip so that Daisuke could provide accompaniment to his favorite songs. Because of his busy schedule, Daisuke had to decline and instead provided the businessman a cassette tape where he had pre-recorded the instrumentals of the said businessman’s favorite songs.  This was how Daisuke thought of developing the first ever Karaoke Machine. 

   Daisuke built eleven Karaoke machines which he rented to different bars. From Japan, Karaoke’s popularity spread to the rest of the world like wild fire.  Unfortunately, the Japanese musician failed to patent his invention, thus missing out on Millions if not Billions of Dollars which he could have earned from the ingenious creation of his. 

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