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Not all Karaoke Players are made equal....

If you're looking for a karaoke machine that will deliver that true karaoke experience then you have come to the right place.

We sell karaoke products from Kumyoung and Magic Sing, both world leaders in karaoke equipment and well known brands throughout Asia, Europe and America.

You want a karaoke machine that has all the karaoke functions you find at a high end karaoke bar without the hefty price tag. Our machines are manufactured to the highest standards, will work with any TV and are ultra portable so you can take them to parties and family gatherings.

So how do they work?

Our range of karaoke machines all attach directly to the TV via AV cables, these are the RED, WHITE & YELLOW connections you see on the back of your TV. You just plug the machine directly to the TV, turn it on and you're ready to go.

Our karaoke machines are also versatile and can be used at parties and special occasions. Attach the machine to a stereo and projector for the ultimate karaoke party. Just as long as your devices have the RED, WHITE & YELLOW connections your machine will work with them.

A great investment?

Our karaoke machines will provide endless amounts of entertainment. Turn any ordinary party into a fun sing a long. All our machines are light weight and install in seconds making it easy to store and use when needed.

A Better Way to Karaoke

- All in one
- Easier to Use
- Australian Warranty
- Australian Power
- Portable
- Built in Songs
- Easy to add Songs
- Full Karaoke Functions
- Take Anywhere
- Easy to Store
- High Quality

Product Details
Key Features
Product Kumyoung KHM-150 (English) Kumyoung KHM-500 Wireless (English) Magic Sing ET-19KV Wireless (English) Magic Sing ET-25K (English)
Image Kumyoung KHM-150 (English) Kumyoung KHM-500 Wireless (English) Magic Sing ET-19KV Wireless (English) Magic Sing ET-25K  (English)
Price $220.00 $N/A $429.00 $280.00
Model KHM-150-ENG KHM-500-ENG ET-19KV-ENG ET-25K-ENG
Brand Kumyoung Kumyoung Magic Sing Magic Sing
Availability In Stock N/A In Stock In Stock
Songs 5,000 5,000 2,000 2,000
Language English English English English
Mic Type 1 Wired (5m cable) 2 x Wireless 2 x Wireless 1 x Wired
Love Guarantee Yes Yes No No
Custom Background No Yes Yes No
Record Function Optional Yes via USB Yes via SD Card No
Connection Type AV Cable AV Cable or HDMI AV Cable AV Cable
Power Supply Australian 220v Australian 220v Australian 220v Australian 220v
Warranty Australian 12 Months Australian 12 Months Australian 12 Months Australian 12 Months


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