Compare Karaoke Machines

Which Karaoke Machine?


Karaoke Machine Wired / Wireless Microphones Included Songs / Price Music Format & Sample Backing Vocals Record Function?
MagiKing Karaoke Microphone $259 1 x Wired All-In-One
(Optional additional duet microphone)
30 Real MP3+g Downloads Plays MP3+G from SD Card Yes Recording To SD Card
Vocopro Carry-Oke Star $299 2 x Wired

150 songs on Sample SD Card

+30 MP3+G Downloads included

Plays MP3+G or .AVI files from an SD Card Yes Record To SD
Sonken MP600 $199 2 x Wired 79 songs on 5 cd's Plays MP3+G or CD+G files from a CD or USB Yes Record To USB
Magic Sing ET-23KH $549 2 x Wireless 2000 Built In + Additional Song Chips Available.
Also plays MP3+G or CD+G files on USB
Not on Built in Songs Record To USB

Which Karaoke Machine is right for you?

Just remember all our portable karaoke systems are "All-in-one Systems" this means everything is built into the unit itself, all you need to do is plug the machine to your TV and that's it! Nothing else to buy, it's ready to go straight out of the box.

$200-$300 Budget

We would recommend the MagiKing Karaoke Microphone

It has the same functions as the more expensive models, you just don't get the wireless microphone set up but you do have the option to include a second microphone.

The MagiKing supports real music formats including MP3 and MP3+G - There's no midi music here !

$500+ Budget

We would recommend the Magic Sing ET-23KH.

This unit allows you to play your CDG karaoke files directly from a USB drive as well as having 2000 songs built in.

How easy is installation?

No matter which system you choose all are installed the very same way.

Just plug the Red, White & Yellow cables to your TV and that's it! Just like connecting your DVD player.

Everything you need is included with your system, and your system is guaranteed to work with any TV.