How to get MP3+g Karaoke Songs FAQ:

In this faq , we will cover questions about the most common ways to legally obtain karaoke songs for home use. We will not cover methods of getting unlicensed music such as peer to peer networks or converting YouTube videos into mp3s.


Why use MP3+g

MP3+g is simply the newest and best quality karaoke format. Gone are the days of midi órgan’ sounding karaoke music. MP3+g songs are essentially an mp3 file with an extra layer for the on screen lyrics.


How do I download MP3+g songs?

The easiest way to quickly download MP3+g songs is to buy a song download voucher HERE.  There are over 40,000 songs to choose from and more being released each week. These songs are produced in the style of the original artist and in the same key, the performances do not contain any original artist vocals and backing cover vocals will be present in versions if the original version had backing vocals.


How about karaoke CD’s?

Buying CD+G discs can be a cheaper way to obtain songs for your karaoke machine. Most discs will contain the karaoke songs in CD+G format. This can be converted to the newer karaoke music format MP3+g using programs such as audiograbber or MP3+g toolz.


Why is the music expensive?

Just like normal music, royalties need to be paid for karaoke music. All of our MP3+g downloads are fully licensed and royalty paid to APRA/AMCOS and to Sunfly Karaoke and/or SBI Karaoke for use on one karaoke system only.